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My Story told. What lead me to heal on a cellular level. 

There are countless healing benefits of a low fat vegan lifestyle. It has been the most empowering, eye-opening and life changing part of my journey so far, and I am forever grateful. 


Since we are all individual, everyone’s experience, opinions and preferences with food are their own. What I am here to tell you is my experience. I share this personal part of my journey with you because it has healed me and I am inspired to offer this knowledge to anyone who may be searching.


My search for answers was long and difficult, I received many different diagnoses. I can tell you one thing for sure, my life changed with that first sip of green juice.


Here is how it all began, when I was 21 I signed up to go to  Australia to study abroad. A few months later I left the states in great shape. I was a young and healthy woman setting out to see the world. I was 5'6", 115lbs, clear skin, shiny hair, strong nails, strong mind, bright eyes, tons of energy, healthy and inspired. Almost instantly after arriving in Australia my health took a major downfall. I quickly bloated up like a balloon - gaining 25 lbs in a few short months. 

"The Body is your Temple.

Keep it Pure and Clean for the Soul to reside in."

-B.K.S. Iyengar

My skin started to break out, my hair and nails turned weak, I lost all of my energy, and I became lost from the confusion of what had taken over my body. When I came back to the states two years later I went to see my doctor about my mystery condition. I was told “You are getting older, your metabolism is slowing down.”, handed a print out of the traditional Food Pyramid with the advice to start eating animal products and sent on my way. Being a vegetarian since age 5 (other than occasional fish my dad would bring home from the boat in the summer and goats milk from the neghibors farm as a young child), I knew that eating meat was not the answer. I continued to exercise and eat the way I always had. I never was a soda drinker or fast food eater. I had always been raised on home cooked, healthy meals. Over the next three years I tried every diet under the sun. You name it, I tried it. I went to see every doctor, from functional medicine, traditional western medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture, etc.  I was finally given the diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I was sent off with some hormone pill and told to eat more protein. I did exactly that, for an entire year, as I watched myself get sicker as each day passed. I keep searching, I saw the best naturalpathic doctor in my area who specialized in my condition, I tried adding eggs and chicken as the doctor told me I had to. I followed a strict high protein, low caloric diet with high intensity intervol training workouts. I kept gaining more weight, I kept getting more tired, I kept getting sicker. I followed a 2 month parasite cleanse, 21 days on liquid soups, the Master Cleanse, a to z of doctors, bloodwork.. I even went back to Australia and sought out the best acupuncturist where I recieved treatment twice a week for another year, sought out a famous healer in Bali and was rubbed down with leaves and special herbs and prayed over, got psychics to tell me what foods I was allergic to, was told by naturopathic doctor it was my throid and took natural thyroid meds. I think you get the point?  You name it, I tried it. Jumped in the ocean thought it would wash it away... No Luck. 


Summer of 2009, my hair started falling out in clumps, I was surviving on coffee to get out of bed and go to work. I was at my lowest point. This is when at my lowest point, I found the light. A miracle came to me. This miracle was Anthony William, Medical Medium. He taught me about what was really causing this illness in my body. He taught me about a low fat, raw vegan diet. This was the answer to my prayers. I had struggled every day for 4 years, wondering what on earth was wrong with my body, what had taken me over. The moment I spoke with him I knew I was hearing the truth. It was the largest weight ever lifted off of my shoulders. I felt like I was starting to heal already, just from talking with him. When he gave me my diagnois I felt in every part of my body that he was right, this was it, I finally found the truth. You know the difference between my "diagnosis" from him, vs. all my other diagnosis? I felt it, in my bones. That little voice of intuition within you? Yes, well she was practically screaming at me that this was finally the answer to trust!  With a list of healing herbs, my first juicer and my new diet I was on my way back to optimum health. Within 2 months my health had completely turned around. My hair had stopped falling out, I instantly lost 10 lbs of water weight my body was holding and my skin cleared up. I started to glow and gain my energy back again. Before Medical Medium, I had very low energy. According my my "diagnosis" I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue and Hashimotos, all caused by Epstein Barr Virus.


Eight  years later and I am becoming healthier every day.  I wake up every morning, walk my wonderful dog, make my juice and go teach yoga. What I accept and create into my life now only comes from a place of love, devotion and healing for myself and all beings. This illness was my greatest gift.  I know truly understand the power of food to be used as medicine to heal our bodies. It is  this way that I can show up for the world and offer this information for anyone who is searching. There are days when my symptoms are active (from too much stress, heartbreak , "cheating" too much on my diet, lack of sleep) and those days it is more work than others to take care of myself.


Every day we have a CHOICE, to let ourselves be taken down by our circumstances, or to choice the way of light. YES, it is work, but its worth it. "Your body is a temple, keep it pure and clean for your soul to reside." My intention is to be of service. I live my life this way so that every day I have the opportunity to enlighten others as I have been, to find their path, follow their heart, listen to their body and never underestimate the power of food and prayer. I have seen the most incredible transformations through this healing foods lifestyle. If you want to live at your highest potential, the healing needs to come from within, so start with what you are putting into your body. If you are tired, instead of covering up your symptoms with a cup of caffeine, let’s get rid of the symptoms all together.  Feeling the heartbreak? Feed it with meditation and connection to Source rather than covering the pain with food, and other addictions. It won’t be easy at first, nothing worth it ever is, but the reward of true health is priceless.


YES I believe 100% in the healing powers of juicing, a vegan diet, yoga, meditation, prayer, nature, devotion and most of all LOVE.. The light within me, honors the light that is within you. Namaste. Love and Light, Rhia

Peace, Love and Happy Juicing!! 

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