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Rhia has been instrumental in my wellness journey. Her expertise is boundless, whether you are looking for a juicer, a spiritual path or a yoga practice. Rhias passion is contagious! No matter how full her schedule is, Rhia consistently makes time to follow up and listen to how you are doing with your individual practice. I trust Rhia totally. She practices what she preaches and cares deeply about her clients, friends and family. Rhia Cataldo is a true gift. Since I have been working with Rhia my diet and yoga practice have both seen major results. Rhia teaches you how to integrate your goals with realistic lifestyle practices. That's the beauty of Rhias coaching. She knows how to tailor your lifestyle to meet your personal & professional goals. I never knew getting and staying healthy could be so much fun, and so simple to obtain.

Rhias classes are filled with heart, fire and soul. Her love and passion for teaching shine through, inspiring her students to find joyful expression through yoga.

Rhia has played a pivotal role in energizing myself from the inside out. A big proponent of juicing, Rhia guided me in the purchased my juicer 10 months ago. I have been juicing ever since. Without her expansive knowledge of juicing and the benefits of a raw food diet, I would still be eating the Standard American Diet, lacking energy and constantly be looking for my next "sugar fix" for energy. Thanks to Rhias guidance, I no longer need that quick energy that sugar provided. I am now "fixed" on eating and juicing whole foods and greens for my all-day energy. With Rhias help and guidance, I have forever changed the way I view food. I no longer live to eat, but I eat to live. Rhia exemplifies a healthy lifestyle and I am fortunate to call myself a student of hers - both on my yoga mat and off.





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"I bow to the presence of God within, our true and highest teacher, that lives in and around us, as consciousness and bliss. It is ever-present and radiates peace, lighting the way to transformation ."

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