"Rhia's classes are filled with heart, fire and soul. Her love and passion for teaching shine through, inspiring her students to find joyful expression through yoga. Love, Girish"


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is the yoga of love and devotion. A Vinyasa yoga approach combining breath, movement and meditation to access the truth and unlimited potential residing in every being.

 Bhakti Yoga and the Aloha Spirit

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Nutritional Coaching 

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yoga nutrition cape cod

Event and Festival Schedule

Rhia teaches events, workshops and festivals in Cape Cod, Maui, Florida and Los Angeles. Come for one of her soul healing Bhakti Kirtan Vinyasa Classes. Full of LOVE!

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Connect with Rhia on Instagram @rhiacataldoyoga for daily posts made with love.

"Rhia Cataldo is a true gift. Since I have been working with Rhia my diet and yoga practice have both seen major results. Rhia teaches you how to integrate your goals with realistic lifestyle practices. That's the beauty of Rhias coaching." Fran Goldstein

May All Be Free 

"I bow to the presence of God within, our true and highest teacher, that lives in and around us, as consciousness and bliss. It is ever-present and radiates peace, lighting the way to transformation ."

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