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A 14 day detox cleanse

for a healthier and

happier body and mind.

Learn how to create a healthy lifestyle that you thrive on.













How do I know if this cleanse is right for me?

     If you want to experience the possible benefits: mental clarity, increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, clear skin, lower anxiety, better sleep, less physical pain, hair growth, comfortable digestion, healthier food choices, mindful eating, and more, this cleanse is for you.

Do I need a lot of expensive tools to participate?

     While juicing is included in the cleanse, there are many ways to juice. If you have a juicer, great! If not, you can get            juice from your local juice bar or blend the vegetables and strain them using a nut milk bag. 

Is this a juice cleanse?

     We will be drinking juices daily, but it will not be a juice cleanse. We will eat many delicious and satisfying meals,

it may not even feel like a cleanse to you!

I have never done yoga before, will I be able to do the classes?

     Yoga is meant to be for everyone. Each class is all levels. The classes will focus on detox, self love, balance,                      awakening and more.  I will give modifications for the poses and you can take rests as you need.

Can I participate from anywhere?

     The majority of this cleanse program is online. You will have access to the facebook support group and recipies from the       comfort of your own home. The yoga classes will take place on Cape Cod. If you are local you are welcome to attned         in person, otherwise you can participate from home as the classes will be streamed live online. 

When will the yoga classes take place?

     Please email me for this information.

What does the program include?

      The program includes the following:

          You will receive daily healing meditations 

          You will connect with your inner self through journaling

          You will receive a 14 day detoxifying protocol with recipes 

          You will have access to the private facebook group for community support. Your membership to this group will not                 expire after the cleanse program ends. This is a group you will remain connected with for future support as you                   incorporate this lifestyle ino your own as you choose. 

          You will receive an audio recording by me of Yoga Nidra Healing Meditation.

What is the cost of the program?

     The cost is dependent on in person or live stream yoga classes, please email me for more information.

What is the typical schedule of the cleanse?

     One of the benefits of this program is that there is no set schedule so you can fit it in between work and other                     responsibilities. Here is a typical day during the cleanse so you can decide how you would schedule it in:


                   Upon waking: 3 minutes of silent meditation, breath and intention setting for the day

                   Morning cleansing beverage





                   Yoga, Meditation and Journaling


                   Evening clensing beverage

                   Yoga Nidra


I am interested in the food but not the yoga, do I have to participate in the yoga?

    You do not have to do the yoga if you do not feel that it will benefit you, but I do recommend that you participate in at         least two of the yoga classes so you can find out if that is true for you or not. 

Why should I do this program?

     The benefit of this program is that you are learning how to create a healthy lifestyle. This is not designed to be a cleanse        that you do once. It is designed to give you the tools and the experience of healing and thriving from your own home.          

         You can adopt this lifestyle completely or make small changes in your future moving forward. 

Is this right for you?

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