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"Healing is not forcing the sun to shine, but removing that which blocks the light" 

" Rhia has played a pivotal role in energizing myself from the inside out. A big proponent of juicing, Rhia guided me in the purchased my juicer 10 months ago. I have been juicing ever since. Without her expansive knowledge of juicing and the benefits of a raw food diet, I would still be eating the Standard American Diet, lacking energy and constantly be looking for my next "sugar fix" for energy. Thanks to Rhias guidance, I no longer need that quick energy that sugar provided. I am now "fixed" on eating and juicing whole foods and greens for my all-day energy. With Rhias help and guidance, I have forever changed the way I view food. I no longer live to eat, but I eat to live. Rhia exemplifies a healthy lifestyle and I am fortunate to call myself a student of hers - both on my yoga mat and off. " -Tracey Ventura

"Rhia has been instrumental in my wellness journey. Her expertise is boundless, whether you are looking for a juicer, a spiritual path or a yoga practice. Rhias passion is contagious! No matter how full her schedule is, Rhia consistently makes time to follow up and listen to how you are doing with your individual practice. I trust Rhia totally. She practices what she preaches and cares deeply about her clients, friends and family. Rhia Cataldo is a true gift. Since I have been working with Rhia my diet and yoga practice have both seen major results. Rhia teaches you how to integrate your goals with realistic lifestyle practices. That's the beauty of Rhias coaching. She knows how to tailor your lifestyle to meet your personal & professional goals. I never knew getting and staying healthy could be so much fun, and so simple to obtain." -Fran Goldstein


"Since I started doing yoga classes with Rhia, my little world has changed in such a positive way. Her excitement for healthy living is contagious. I always wanted to work out regularly and eat well but until now I never found anything that I enjoyed enough to stick with. Now, after practicing with Rhia for almost a year, I genuinely miss her class if a few days go by and I haven't been able to get in to the studio. This is a new and wonderful feeling for me, something I've always wanted! She has taught me all about juicing, and now I look forward to working with her to improve my eating habits in general. It feels pretty amazing to have found someone in my life that I can trust, learn from, and count on so much. Rhia is the embodiment of all the things she teaches, and it is this authenticity that draws people to her."-Lisa Norton"

"Rhia is amazing! She has a way of making everyone feel special in class, connected and inspired. I love her smile, vinyasa flow and the music and sharing her classes with my family and friends. I started juicing in January 2012 with Rhias guidance & wisdom and I am now able to pay it forward and teach my friends and family the benefits of juicing and how to juice. On top of being an amazing and inspirational teacher, Rhia has the biggest heart! Between Yoga with Rhia and juicing, my life is forever changed:-) Thank you so much Rhiannon!" - Marcia Duggan

"Rhias classes are suited for yogis of all experience levels and motivations. Regardless of what drives you to get on your mat, you will leave Rhias class feeling loved, truly inspired, and feeling like you've just had the best full-body massage of your life. The asana is as challenging as you want to make it for yourself, but Rhias genuine affirmations and constant inspiration will make you want to push yourself from parts deep inside of you that, until now, have never harnessed before. All of this is done through precise and mindful instruction from beginning to end. Every person that has taken Rhias class feels as though theyve been touched by an angel. In part, this is due to the balance of her strong, yet delicate assists and adjustments given to each and every student in class. The assists are not only purposeful and effective, but intimate and personal as well. Students can often be heard after classes singing her praises about connections/energies exchanged through adjustments and how incredible it felt when she moved them just the right way.No matter what it is that your body, mind, or both are seeking any given day, there is no doubt that Rhias class will deliver exactly what you are looking for. The foundation of her practice is structured of a deep love for self and surrender. From novice to instructor, Rhias genuine love for her students and the yoga lifestyle radiates through her beautiful smile, inviting anyone and everyone to come open their hearts with her in what is without fail, always a truly moving experience." - William Ahlers 


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