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Healing from Bloat and Digestive Distress

Rhia Cataldo

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms I hear clients struggling with. It is uncomfortable, and it can create stress on our system from loss of deep sleep, improper absorbsion of nutrients, decreased energy and irregular elimination. Digestive distress is extremely uncomfortable and having a pain free meal can sometimes feel too good to be true. I know because I suffered from horrible pains during meals for many years. There were times when the pain became so bad that I would cramp up all the way to my shoulder and have to lay down for the rest of the night. Being unable to enjoy food without digestive distress can take away your freedom and cause you to feel like a slave to food or avoid it all together. The good news is that for every negative there is a positive! Learning what foods heal or hinder your bodies ability to comfortably digest food is a life saver, quite literally! Better digestion leads to clearer thinking, increased energy, better sleep and healthier mind and body. There are so many factors that contribute to our digestion, including the level of HCL (the acid needed for breaking down the food we eat) in our stomach, stress, pace of eating, food alergies, digestive enzymes, and many more. Here are my favorite tips for keeping a happy belly as often as possible. The better digestive state we can create in our bodies the healthier we will be. 


Celery Juice- Celery juice can restore the HCL in your gut! This is the stomach acid that is part responsible for breaking down and recieving the proper minerals from your food! Drink 16 oz of fresh juice on an empty stomach as many mornings as you can. For the very best juice this is the juicer you want to buy.


Aloe Juice- Think of what fresh aloe does to a burn on your skin, it soothes, heals and calms inflammation. Think of aloe doing the exact same thing on our insides when we consume it. Scoop the gel (gel only- none of the green leaf) from the inside of the aloe leaf and blend it with 4 cups of water and 2 cups of coconut water. Drink on an empty stomach. I use this blender but any blender will work. Tip* If you want a Vitamix but can't afford one full price, a great option is to buy a Reconditioned Vitamix!


Papaya- Carribean papaya are full of digestive aids! One seed from the papaya has more digestive enzymes than a bottle you'll find at the health food store. Not to mention, papaya is full of vitamins and minerals that are easily assimilated. 


Grazing- I know what it is like to run around all day and before you know it, it's 6:30, you're walking in the door and having your first meal of the day! Whether your avoided food because you didn't want to deal with a bloated belly or you were too busy you completely forgot to eat, this is not good for your adrenals! Eating every few hours will help you to keep your adrenals supported and also having small meals is less work for your body. 


Fresh food from nature- We have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables surrounding us at every turn. Take advantage of the vitamins, enzymes and minerals these foods have to offer. Fill your plant with as much fresh produce as you can. Avoiding processed foods will allow you to eat the way nature intended. Sprout your own sprouts for elevated probiotics. Sprouting is one of the easiest and best ways to receive living organisms that help to heal and repair your gut.


Hydrate- Dehydration can cause us to feel hungry, or should I say hAAANGRY, when what our body really needs is fluids! Hydrate well all day. A great tip is to add some lemon, lime or mint leaves to your water. 


Slow down, chew, get present and BREATHE!- Eating under stress, distraction or rush can also be a culprit for uneasy post meal feelings. Try to devote your full attention to your meal when you enjoy it. Savor every bite and think of all of the healing your body is receiving from the food as you eat. Know that it has been grown with love from the earth. After all, there is so much power in conscious intention. 

Essential Oils- Even when we follow all the "rules", our stomach can still get upset. This is when essential oils can come in handy! I love DOTerra DigestZen Blend. I rub a few drops on my belly and I can feel things start to move around and settle. 


Yoga- Yoga is helpful in general because it can decrease stress which will help with better digestion, sleep, energy and a range of benefits that are inumerable. Specific poses and twists yoga help to target and massage abdominal organs.


My favorite current salad recipe? My pleasure!

Serving size for one full size salad meal: 

Put in your bowl:

6 cups spinach

1 cup chopped parsley

2 cup chopped red radish

1 chopped cucumber

1 cup chopped green onions

2 cups of your favorite tomatoes 

sage, thyme, dulse and nasturtium added on top

For the dressing, blend together: 

1 large ripe mango

1 orange 

2 cups basil

Sprig of thyme

1 clove garlic

1/4 cup green onion

I added 1 inch of a garden cayenne pepper if you like to spice it up

Pour the dressing on top and enjoy!! 


We are all doing our best. The last thing we need is digestive distress. Try these tips and see what changes you experience in not only your body but your mood and energy levels as well. Also, remember to get plenty of sleep, play with animals, give out hugs, sing, dance, do yoga, swim, be in nature, surf, love and whatever it is that makes you happy! After all, it is our internal joy that will help to heal us on the deepest level. Sending you all lots of love and good vibes!


I would love to connect with you on instagram and facebook! Instagram @rhiacataldoyoga

What do you want to read about? Let me know, comment below! 


ALOHA, Rhia 

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