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Lessons from Maui

Rhia Cataldo

Aloha ~ breath of life .

Keep pushing your edge.. journeying constantly into unknown, keep growing, move into whats uncomfortable… keep your heart beating out of your chest with love. stay alive. lean in to the uncomfortable space. trust. surrender. stay open to the mystery, you NEVER Know what miracles will fall into your lap. expect miracles. expect the unexpected. never assume. stay beautiful and strong within no matter what is surrounding you. what you create in an experience is a reflection of what you hold inside, so don’t be afraid that leaving or changing that you will lose that, you carry it within you. welcome everyone into your life. never judge. see everyone and everything through eyes of love. see the day through eyes of gratitude. don’t miss a moment. don’t wait until its gone to express your love. realize now. jump in the ocean, take time to watch the sunset. meditate. celebrate everyone. expand your view - universal love, unconditionally. hold space for others to come to you in vulnerability and truth. stay true. speak your truth. speak only words that you wish to see manifest into reality. same with your thoughts. stay present. breathe. smile. laugh. laugh some more. surround yourself with those who make you laugh and snap you out of too-seriousness. pick fruit. smile at everyone. say aloha. live aloha. be grateful, it will change your entire perspective on life. know that everything is temporary. don’t attach. Love, appreciate, but don’t attach. free yourself from attachments that keep you from flying. shine bright. heal others. pray to heal others. listen well. get to know people. serve others. get out of thinking about whats in it for you. serve selflessly. seva. embrace everything. know there is a lesson in everything, don’t be so blind that you miss it. clear your mind from old patterns of thinking. create freedom. give massages. receive massages. don’t be afraid to touch. dance. dance even if you are alone in your bedroom acting a fool. watch children and learn to come back to a child mind. its all much more simple than we make it. don’t complicate your life. keep it clean, pure, simple. sage. release things that are taking up space and energy that you want to fill with your dreams. no dream is silly if it means something to you. Let go of that, and fill up with your dreams. Follow them fiercely. Never give up. Trust yourself beyond all other things. Live with a heart bursting at the seams. jump on trampolines. make healing juices smoothies and living foods for others. Do for others! Share healing foods together and eat with intention, mindfulness and love. create with love. do everything from love and all circumstances are blessed. set intentions. om. share. open your throat chakra. open your heart chakra. open your hips! do your yoga, go for your run, especially when you least want to, thats when the miracles come like seeing a huge turtle playing in the water during your run. play with others. try new things. drink fresh coconuts. be nice!! seriously, be NICE to everyone including yourself. be honest. don’t be afraid of or to change. start to get clear and real with yourself, get honest within, i mean really honest. dig deep and shed layers. ask for help. you are never alone. listen to kirtan, sing kirtan. it heals. embrace the moments when things are going totally wrong, for they are really going right, better than you could have planned. don’t be blind or concrete, go with the flow so you can receive these messages. listen to your angels. let go to the universes schedule, it continually prove that it is in control and if you allow will bless you with a path you couldn’t design yourself. be creative. draw. try new things. stay open. stay strong no matter what. its ok to cry, but stay strong. be as sustainable as you can. know what products you are putting in and on your body. make things yourself. see with a different eye. switch your perspective. give back. give away. give discounts. if you have something you feel is important to teach, teach it for free if you have to, just share it. Share it authentically. Don’t worry about what others think as long as your intentions are pure and from a kind heart. make others feel good as much as you can, they need it too. heal with your hands. communicate without words. find who you are comfortable with in silence, because this means your hearts are speaking more so your mouth has to say less, and you still feel deep connection. go for it. fall forward fearlessly. take chances!! fall in love. trust that everything will work out and that you are divinely supported. call people on the phone less texting. grow as much food as you can. thank mother nature. love.spend time with the people who are the least similar to you, you’ll realize how much you have in common. the crazier you think it will sound and the deeper it is from your heart, say it, people will resonate with it. you will create freedom for them by doing so. cuddle. touch. shine your light everywhere, cheer others up. rainbows are reminders of miracles. express your love. express yourself. bow. bow in. bow to you. bow to the divine. find your greatest teachers in others. people are mirrors of ourselves. what we see in them is what we like/dislike in ourselves. say thank you. mahalo. everything is going to be ok, everything is ok. don’t try to fit into a mold. love yourself just as you are. there are billions of people on earth, what if we all tried to fit a perfect mold how boring would that be. love yourself. love yourself. love yourself fully with all your quarks and flaws. everything really is ok. when its not feeling ok try switching your perspective. I’m not sad because I’m sitting on an airplane leaving maui. I’m blessed because I’m literally sitting on a chair typing this while flying through the air in just a few hours I can be back in maui whenever i choose. watch your alignment in yoga, let go of your ego and save your body. learn more. keep learning. find the eyes to see. listen to krishna das, he heals. listen to whatever heals you. dance when you are nervous, it will free you. be gentle to your body. fill it with love. love with all you have, at the end of the day thats what matters. keep your dreams exponentially big. the crazier they seem to achieve the more realistic they are. redefine impossible. don’t let anyone hold you back. surround yourself with people who build you up. share aloha. give aloha. live ALOHA. be amazing. be amazing for you. be amazing for others . value true friendships. express your gratitude for friendships. don’t worry if you don’t see the lesson now, if it doesn’t make sense now, don’t worry, it will someday. do the right thing. let go if something is not serving you, even if it hurts. don’t always make your decisions based on you. keep doing what makes you feel alive even if its not the easy comfortable way. hold others up. let your heart be known. play music. do new things. jump on trampolines. do what scares you. take photos. let others take photos of you. awaken. now. forget that being rich has anything to do with money. keep giving especially when you have less. give to those who have less when you have more. give rides. journal. cleanse. find what you love and fight for it. don’t let societal views fog your dreams. you have all the answers within. slow down, take a deep breath, and listen to them. stretch. feel your body. love your body. love everybody. love the ones who challenge you the most. let go of time. be silly. be playful. don’t take life so damn seriously. live in each others hearts. soak up every second of this precious gift every day called life. travel . fly. swim. handstand. backbend. feel. flow. wake up. sleep well. take baths. watch the moon. make up your own mind. create your own reality. love. love beyond everything else. if i could summarize all my lessons it would be to love. love makes you feel the most alive. love heals. love changes the world. love makes life worthwhile. love. love vulnerably, love unknowingly, love all. express love. live love. be love. be aloha. morning star, you shine even from afar. aloha.

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