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Yoga Nidra-Yogic Sleep for Deep Healing

Rhia Cataldo

Aloha Yogis!

A few months ago I was blessed to study with Saul David Raye.  He guided us through a Yoga Nidra Meditation which  means "yogic sleep". In Yoga Nidra you are rotating your consciousness through 61 meridian points in the body. During this meditation, your body enters into "yogic sleep" to a place where the parasympathetic nervous system activates and your mind, body, and spirit can find healing within deep rest. 


I recommend practicing Yoga Nidra anytime, but especially before bed, or after a long flight, or when your spirit is feeling exhauseted but you don't have enough time for a nap or a full nights rest. 


Here is how you would practice: YOGA NIDRA

1. Find a comfortable place to lay (you can use a bolster or blanket under your knees or shoulder blades if you want. Just find a resting place where you feel completely at ease)

2. Turn off any distractions (cell phone, computer, music)

3. Begin deep breathing. Take a few minutes to just focus on your breath. Feel how it feels to move in, out, and through your body. Feel any emotions or energies that come to your awareness. Feel free to give anything that is no longer serving your highest self permission to let go. Breathe into any places in your emotional/energetic/heart/physical body that are holding onto any tension, anxiety or stress. Fill yourself with Love.

4. Set your intention 

5. Begin Yoga Nidra - You can say the points in your mind or you can chant a mantra as you go to each point. Don't stay too long at each point, just long enough to bring your awareness to the area and then move on. 

6. When you finish, try to stay in a meditative state and bring awareness back to your breath before getting up. Give yourself time to absorb and recieve the benefits of the Yoga Nidra.

61 Points

1 – center of forehead

2 – base of the front of the neck

3 – right shoulder

4 – right elbow

5 – right wrist

6 – right thumb

7 – right index finger

8 – right middle finger

9 – right ring finger

10 – right little finger

11 – right wrist

12 – right elbow

13 – right shoulder

14 – base of the front of the neck

15 – left shoulder

16 – left elbow

17 – left wrist

18 – left thumb

19 – left index finger

20 – left middle finger

21 – left ring finger

22 – left little finger

23 – left wrist

24 – left elbow

25 – left shoulder

26 – base of the front of the neck

27 – center of chest

28 – right of chest

29 – center of chest

30 – left of chest

31 – center of chest

32 – navel

33 – pubis

34 – right hip

35 – right knee

36 – right ankle

37 – right big toe

38 – right second toe

39 – right third toe

40 – right fourth toe

41 – right little toe

42 – right ankle

43 – right knee

44 – right hip

45 – pubis

46 – left hip

47 – left knee

48 – left ankle

49 – left big toe

50 – left second toe

51 – left third toe

52 – left fourth toe

53 – left little toe

54 – left ankle

55 – left knee

56 – left hip

57 – pubis

58 – navel

59 – center of chest

60 – base of the front of the neck

61 – center of forehead


May this year be a year to let LOVE be the ESSENCE of your BEING! 


Always choose love.

It's why we are here...

Blessings to all,  my wish for you is to choose love, always.


In your service, 


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