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Benefits of Taking your Yoga Practice Outside

Rhia Cataldo

Blue sky, earth beneath your toes, refreshing breeze rejuvenating your skin, birds humming a tune, trees oxygenating your lungs, eyes taking in the natural wonder of mother earth. Spending time outdoors is critical for our physical, mental, and energetic health. As we are learning, so is a daily yoga practice! Why not make the most of both worlds and take your yoga practice outside and enjoy the benefits! 


Travel and Adventure

The world is a book, and those who do not travel, only read one page. Travel doesn’t have to mean a far off land and hours of travel time. The excitement that comes from experiencing a new place will happen if you are hours a way from home or only a few miles. Taking your yoga practice outside gives you an excuse to seek out some new beautiful places in nature that are close to your home. That park down the street you always drive past, a sandy stretch of beach by the water, a grassy spot in the woods behind your house. All you have to do is walk out your front door and you have the world at your fingertips. Get on your bike or hop on the train or in the car, or better yet lace up your sneakers, and go where nature takes you! Find a fresh place to breathe, stretch, and experience your yoga practice from a new perspective. 


Natures Truth

For me, being in nature always has a way of bringing out the truth in me and releasing the pettiness and business of my mind. It’s like a natural energy cleanser! Being in nature I am immediately reminded of the vast beauty and miracle that is Mother Earth. This brings a lot into perspective! Being out in nature is a wonderful opportunity to practice gratitude.



The outdoors is literally pulsing with life force. What better a place to ground your feet into the earth, fill your lungs with fresh oxygen and absorb the suns healing rays? For me, being in nature is the closest I can get to God. Outside we can completely unplug from the electronic man-made vibrations that exist when doing yoga indoors (cell phone, music, heating and lighting systems, walls, electricity) and plug in to natures natural healing energy. 


Grounding for Heath

Research is showing that our immune system functions most optimally when our feet have direct contact to the earths surface. This is called “earthing” or “grounding”. When our feet touch the earth they are soaking up electrons which balances our bodies electronic field back to that of the earth. When we are in harmony and alignment with the earth, our bodies are able to heal themselves.


Reducing Stress and Finding Balance

Taking a few deep breaths outside has a direct calming effect on the nervous system, giving the adrenal system time to relax and activating the “rest” body, parasympathetic nervous system. Practicing yoga outside not only reduces stress in the body but it creates strength and focus. Try balancing in tree pose on an uneven surface or crow pose on a stand up paddle board. Asanas that once felt easy in your body will take on a whole new perspective and strengthen new muscles in the body while advancing your balance. When we are concentrating on balance we are activating core strength and breathing deeply!


Present Moment

We walk in and out of nature all day long, from your house to yo